Learn More About Business Process Improvement Services for Your Organization

Learn More About Business Process Improvement Services for Your Organization

Business process improvement can take many forms. Distributors need to focus on efficient order processing and warehouse operations. Manufacturers need to improve output and reduce defects and costs. Professional service firms can improve on staff utilization. All businesses have processes that can be improved.

Organizations tend to focus primarily on technology solutions that don’t sufficiently examine the needs of their customers and employees. We provide a full range of services that maximize the return on investment of your improvement projects.

Our services help clients with these tasks:

  • Map key business processes for better understanding
  • Quantify process performance and sources of waste
  • Identify gaps versus industry standard practices and benchmarks
  • Determine what new processes and systems are needed

Our comprehensive service offerings include:

  • Business Process Assessments
  • Process Mapping and Hosting
  • Process Performance Benchmarking
  • Lean Six Sigma Value Analysis
  • Change Management Guidance
  • Software Selection Consulting

Our industry experience includes:

  • More than 25 years of service and 300 wholesale distribution and manufacturing clients
  • Process improvement experience in many industries, including automotive, electronics, tool & die, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, plant science, public sector and defense logistics operations
  • Speaking engagements and project work with leading industry organizations, including NAW, UID, STAFDA, NAED, PTDA, Texas A&M Supply Chain Lab, Purdue University Industrial Distribution and many more

Click below for additional resources:

Snover_ToddComplete the adjacent form to receive a free copy of the following business process improvement resources:

  • Connect the Dots to Create Value
  • Value Stream Mapping: How to Reduce Waste
  • A Recipe for Success in Process Improvement

To further discuss business process improvement strategies for your organization, schedule a meeting with Todd Snover, Business Process & Systems Group.



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